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We've been providing free car valuation and data checks since 2009, which in internet years is back in the stone age.

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Browse our list of used car dealers from around the Birmingham locality using the listings underneath. Find a 2nd hand car dealership near you with pre-owned vehicles for sale in stock. You could get specifically what you are seeking out by making use of our searchable directory of used automobile dealerships around Birmingham.

A Cars Uk in Birmingham
A Cars Uk
Birmingham, England, B24 8LA
Audi BMW Chevrolet Chrysler ...
Adderley Motors in Birmingham
Adderley Motors
Birmingham, England, B9 4ED
Audi Honda Lexus Smart ...
Ali Motors in Birmingham
Ali Motors
Birmingham, England, B8 3AA
Porsche ...
Alisons in Birmingham
Birmingham, England, B11 2AL
Alfa Romeo Audi BMW Hummer ...
All Electric Skoda in Birmingham
All Electric Skoda
Birmingham, England, B14 6EE
Smart ...
Allen Kia Birmingham in Birmingham
Allen Kia Birmingham
Birmingham, England, B26 3QS
Lada ...
Auto Valet in Birmingham
Auto Valet
Birmingham, England, B28 8BX
Citroen Honda MG Porsche ...
Autocare & Sales in Birmingham
Autocare & Sales
Birmingham, England, B24 8DL
Audi BMW Citroen Daihatsu ...
Automotive Dreams Ltd in Birmingham
Automotive Dreams Ltd
Birmingham, England, B5 4TR
Audi BMW Lexus MG ...
Autotrade Birmingham in Birmingham
Autotrade Birmingham
Birmingham, England, B76 1AU
Audi BMW Citroen Hummer ...
Autovinz Ltd in Birmingham
Autovinz Ltd
Birmingham, England, B20 2BX
Jeep MG Porsche Saab ...
Avenue Cars Birmingham in Birmingham
Avenue Cars Birmingham
Birmingham, England, B26 2RU
Audi BMW Chrysler Ford ...
Barry Vigers Ltd in Birmingham
Barry Vigers Ltd
Birmingham, England, B45 8NZ
Audi Lexus MG Mitsubishi ...
Bartley Green Commercials in Birmingham
Bartley Green Commercials
Birmingham, England, B32 3QG
Chrysler Honda Proton ...
Bellmont Cars in Birmingham
Bellmont Cars
Birmingham, England, B15 3QR
Jeep MG TVR ...
Birmingham Motors Uk in Birmingham
Birmingham Motors Uk
Birmingham, England, B9 5SA
Citroen Hummer Perodua Porsche ...
Birmingham Trade Cars in Birmingham
Birmingham Trade Cars
Birmingham, England, B11 2EW
Audi BMW Citroen Hummer ...
Birmingham Volkswagen in Birmingham
Birmingham Volkswagen
Birmingham, England, B4 7XT
Volvo ...
Boldmere Motor Co in Birmingham
Boldmere Motor Co
Birmingham, England, B73 5UY
BMW Citroen Daimler Honda ...
Bournville Van Centre in Birmingham
Bournville Van Centre
Birmingham, England, B31 4HL
Morgan ...
Branson Motors Ltd in Birmingham
Branson Motors Ltd
Birmingham, England, B76 9QN
Citroen Infiniti MG Rolls Royce ...
Bristol Road Cars in Birmingham
Bristol Road Cars
Birmingham, England, B45 9UA
BMW Chevrolet Chrysler Citroen ...
Car Select in Birmingham
Car Select
Birmingham, England, B33 0JJ
Honda ...
Carrolan Cars in Birmingham
Carrolan Cars
Birmingham, England, B30 3AH
Audi Citroen ...
Cartogo Birmingham in Birmingham
Cartogo Birmingham
Birmingham, England, B9 5AS
Audi BMW Chrysler Hummer ...
Chambers Motor Group in Birmingham
Chambers Motor Group
Birmingham, England, B75 7BS
Honda ...
Cia Motors Ltd in Birmingham
Cia Motors Ltd
Birmingham, England, B11 2BH
Audi BMW Hummer MG ...
Citroen Birmingham in Birmingham
Citroen Birmingham
Birmingham, England, B10 0BT
Citroen Perodua ...
Colliers Citroen in Birmingham
Colliers Citroen
Birmingham, England, B23 6QH
Citroen ...
Colliers Mazda in Birmingham
Colliers Mazda
Birmingham, England, B24 9HX