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Audi used cars

The Audi name is synonymous with high quality cars and has been for many years. Although gaining mainstream and global popularity more in the 80's with it's world rally championship dominating Quattro. It's history can be traced back much further.

The founder of the company August Horch started the business in 1899, putting their first motor vehicle into production in 1901. A few years later he was forced out of his own company in 1909. He restarted again using the new name of Audi. After changing ownership a number of times Audi became under the control of the now car giant Volkswagen in 1967 where it has remained ever since.

Over the years Audi have competed in many form of motor sport in which it has been very successful. This success has helped the company to be known as a innovator in the industry. Being the first major motor manufacturer to have advanced four wheel drive systems on it's road going cars amongst many others.

Audi has a proud history of innovative ideas and quality, reliable production cars. Which has lead to there cars being very sought after all around the world in the medium to large luxury car market.

Average price for a used Audi car is £20794, according to our valuation data.

The most searched for Audi vehicle model is A3.

The most popular Audi colour is Black.

To get your Audi valuation, either enter a number plate in the form to the top left, or use the dropdown lists underneath.

A selection of used car dealers from our directory that deal with Audi vehicles

Maidstone Audi in
Maidstone Audi
Aylesford ME20 7UB
Halesowen Audi in
Halesowen Audi
Halesowen B62 8RD
Hitchin Audi in
Hitchin Audi
Hitchin SG5 1RQ
Manchester Audi in
Manchester Audi
Manchester M16 9UA
Milton Keynes Audi in
Milton Keynes Audi
Milton Keynes MK1 1DF
Stockport Audi in
Stockport Audi
Stockport SK3 0HX

Latest reviews of a Audi vehicle (A2)

Great practical build and well equipped, but the engine is noisy.