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MG used cars

MG is a small sports car manufacturer from the UK who has a long history and is best known for making two seater sports cars. They also produced a range of sports saloons and larger sports vehicles. Although in more recent years the name has been associated with sports versions of their parent company's cars, the Rover Group.

MG has been a victim of the decline and problems that most of the British car industry have over the years. For most of it's life it was a part of the Rover Group and was also part of British Leyland. Unfortunately the Rover Group was broken up and most of it's production was stopped in the 90's when in BMW's ownership.

MG and it's assets were sold to Nanjing Automobile from China in 2005. While the majority of the cars are now produced in China there are some MGTF's being put together in Longbridge UK.

Average price for a used MG car is £2244, according to our valuation data.

The most searched for MG vehicle model is ZR.

The most popular MG colour is Grey.

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Latest reviews of a MG vehicle (ZR)

Offers a decent fun drive, though the driving position is pretty awful, and to be honest it has stereotypical boy-racer looks.