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Automotive News Nov 20, 2023

Is Vauxhall Astra expensive to maintain?

Is Vauxhall Astra expensive to maintain?

Is Vauxhall Astra expensive to maintain?

I have a 2023 Astra VXR 1.8i I've owned for three years and had in the last 2 years replaced the water pump and oil and filter etc with parts from the dealership but the previous mechanic I used advised me it should only cost 120, however I ended up paying 200 after the dealer refused to pay for anything as my car was old.

The dealer also gave me the option of an oil change and some other bits as well which was quite annoying and I would appreciate if somebody could comment on the extra cost of the car compared to other similar sized cars. Also does anybody know of any other cheap car mechanics? If I am offered the opportunity of a 100 discount in exchange for a recommendation I would consider it, as I have got 300 worth of work done. This is why I need your help. I believe it is common knowledge what it costs to service cars.

Answer: To be honest I'm not sure about the cost of owning the Vauxhall but if you're looking for value for money, then the best you can do is shop around. If you search the forums, then there are various stories about Astra service costs. However many will be similar to one another. They'll almost certainly include the servicing of the brakes and tyres and then the labour cost as well (if I recall correctly from my reading of one forum).

You can find a good breakdown of car maintenance at I did not see an actual 'price comparison' of the Vauxhall in there. In terms of mechanics, try the Auto Trader forums or search the forum for Vauxhalls. Vauxhall Astra. I have always been told that the Vauxhall Astra is cheap to maintain but now I'm having a lot of trouble with my car. When I ask for the car to be taken to the garage, they say "it's out of my hands" or that the car is old and they have not got the money to take the car there. I think it might be cheaper to buy the service booklet, so please let me know if this is what I should do.

It sounds like you might be getting caught in a trap.

How much is a Vauxhall Astra in London?

Whether it's buying a car in a garage or buying it online, when it comes to saving money, you have to be quick to act. Here we'll be looking at how much is a Vauxhall Astra in London.

What's the difference between the Vauxhall Astra and Vauxhall Meriva? Looking at the Vauxhall model range, there are two main options in terms of body style. There's the more premium Meriva version which has a higher-end cabin, larger wheels and lower body kit, but the Astra is the cheaper choice. It has a lower-cost suspension set up, smaller 17-inch alloys and a slimmer body design.

You can tell a lot about a vehicle from the interior design and the overall look that it has. On top of that, the Astra is more of a compact car rather than a mid-size luxury model. For example, the Astra has plenty of legroom for five passengers.

Where can I get Vauxhall Astra parts? Here you'll be able to find parts for your Astra including engine and exterior changes, such as paint, trim or interior components, like sound systems or steering wheels. It's also worth checking out the range of accessories you can buy for your Astra, including sun roofs and driving aids, like adaptive cruise control. The Vauxhall Astra is available with a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic gearbox.

Buy a Vauxhall Astra from: Why not check out our recommended Vauxhall Astra garages for details on availability and prices, or view all the local dealers below. Which is the best deal for a Vauxhall Astra? If you're looking to save some cash on your Vauxhall Astra, you might want to consider one of the deals on this page. Each deal includes special offers for customers and is tailored to your budget. These savings include the following:

Savings on finance. A lower deposit. A no money down deal. There are also more standard packages available, such as extended warranty plans and warranty extensions, if you want to make sure your purchase is protected.

Which Astra engine is best?

vauxhall astra for sale near london Which Astra engine is best?

The Astra's first-generation engine was the K34, which was developed from the earlier W126 engine. In contrast, the second-generation Astra was powered by the W20, developed from the W123 V8.

There was a V8 version of the Astra from 1994, but it was produced in only small numbers, as the MGF has since become a more powerful engine. The last engines to be installed in the Astra were four-cylinder 1.3-litre units, the W32E and W35E1. These were replaced by 1.6-litre units - the Astra's final powerplants.

The first three Astra generation was built at two separate plants - Graz in Austria, and Bcza Stala in Poland. The two W126 engines were built in both factories in Germany (WZ35 and later ZE23A).

The first generation Astra. The original Astra featured the W126, which was introduced in 1981 for the Opel Kadett. This petrol-engine produced 116 kW and 160 Nm from 1,500-3,000 rpm and weighed 1,080kg. The motor was rated at 70 kW and 110 Nm from 1,500-2,800 rpm.

At the time of its introduction, a few enthusiasts were disappointed that the W126 - one of the world's first turbo-diesels with direct fuel injection - did not feature VTEC technology. This is the same engine that powered the early Audi Quattro models.

Engine power was sent through the car's Hewland-chassised five-speed gearbox - a very good unit, rated at 140g/km. The transmission was mated to a four-wheel-drive system, and the original Astra used a torque-sensing rear differential. It had four-wheel discs all round.

The suspension was good at all speeds and provided precise handling, although the brakes felt light on some road surfaces. The Astra was never cheap, but you could get a base model for as little as 5,795 when it was first launched. This cost included air conditioning and free servicing for three years. In later years, this model would set you back around 10,500.

Is it worth it to buy a Vauxhall Astra?

This is a discussion on ? within Official Comparison Reviews, part of the Loyalty Deals category; Originally Posted by ronak. Yes it is a little pricy but if you think this car in not worth . Yes it is a little pricy but if you think this car in not worth getting, the other car I like is the Peugeot Partner. For those who own Vauxhalls and plan to get Peugeots in future - I strongly recommend that before you buy an Audi, Toyota or any other make of cars. Take a test drive and have a feel for the car yourself. You wouldn't buy any other car just because it is cheap. I used to drive a VW and was offered to go for a test drive of an Audion. So I booked a test drive of the car and did like I should never have done. I had already book my Audi - and I missed it. The same thing happened with my next car (Aston Martin Vantage).

Now as far as the Vauxhall Astra is concerned - there isn't much you would miss on a car which has a 2.0 engine, very fuel efficient and does not have a 4 door boot. But you must decide what is important to you - which is a big question for any enthusiast and buyer.

I bought my partner Peugeot after 2 visits of a VW Passat TDi and a BMW 1 series. While its a car on an entry level class like Vauxhalls Astra is - they both have some strengths and weaknesses for each other. I know that people are not going to see this as a competitor in most aspects but I have chosen it as one for my needs and requirement. I can see how a lot of you like the Vauxhall Astra - I am a strong Astra fan too and I have decided not to buy a VW Passat for me. It's just a matter of where you fit in I guess.

It is well known that Audi is also a very high quality brand and if people go into one Audi dealership, they might expect something high end. But it depends entirely on your personal situation. If you can afford a better car, then buy it - but don't sell off an Astra to pay for the Audi.

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