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Automotive News Nov 15, 2023

Are Scania V8 reliable?

Are Scania V8 reliable?

Does Scania still make V8?

I know they had a V8 but can't find out any more info about that. The only V8 I know about was made from the Volvo P1800 engine but I'm not sure if that's what they're refering to.

There is also the C-series that I don't know anything about. They have some similar attributes to the C20.

I'm just wondering if these cars are still being made and if there's any more information than what is currently available on the internet. (1) It depends. The last time I saw a V8 of some sort, it was in a Mitsu SUV.

(2) You could call the V8 in the '97 Ford E-350/'98 Ford E-450 a "Scania V8". (3) There's always been a C20 for the US market. The last new model was in 2023.

(4) The C-series has never been a Scania product. The model is a Swedish design derived from the C20, called the C21. The original C20 was a Volvo P1800 with Scania drivetrain. It was based on a design study by Volvo and was produced in Sweden. The C21 design was released in 1986 and it's still sold today.

(5) The "current" C20 and C21 are a bit of a misnomer because Volvo and Scania have never offered a new model since the 2023 model. You've always had to be patient and wait to see what comes in the future. You do have access to Volvo parts but there's always been a time lag until parts come into the market (and sometimes there's still a time lag before they get to you). There have also been rumors that Volvo is considering making a new model as part of a partnership with a Chinese manufacturer that they'd sell in the US through their Volvo brand. If this happens, then we'll get a new model in the next few years.

(6) The current Scania models use Scania parts like axles, driveshafts, air cleaners, exhaust systems, transmissions, etc. All the parts have Volvo under the hood. They also use Volvo engines and transmissions. If that weren't enough, Volvo engineers are involved in designing new models, so the engines are similar to the way they were designed.

What is the best Scania engine?

The Volvo engines are generally regarded as the best of all Swedish engines. It's a well-made and reliable engine with a long warranty period. A perfect engine for heavy trucks.

The Scania is a Swedish truck brand founded in the middle of the 19th century. Today it's one of the world's best selling truck brands. The engine line up consists of 4 cylinder engines with 12V and 16V.

Volvo Engine: Volvo has a long history as a truck manufacturer. They started off with tractors and buses, but soon expanded into heavy trucks.

What engine is in the V8 Scania?

scania v8 What engine is in the V8 Scania?

Scania has a range of diesel engines with a 4.9 litre V8. Diesel powered by 1.6-3.0 litre common rail fuel injectors. They also offer an alternative diesel engine powered by a 5.6 V10.

In the US, the V8 was a natural choice for heavy duty applications where diesel was expected to remain as the only fuel. In the UK, the engine became more common in the 1990s and is now the sole engine in the current models of V8 passenger cars. Your guess seems correct. The engine in question is a 5. The 3.4 L V8 was discontinued in 1999 and the 6.7 L V10 started in 2023.

Are Scania V8 reliable?

I have a 1986 Volvo V8 that was rebuilt in 2023. The previous owner replaced the carburetor and spark plugs and did not bother to replace the head gaskets.

I want to get a new engine but am wondering if I should just buy a used 4bbl Volvo engine or if the V8s are reliable. I was thinking of going with a Scania if the price is right. Any recommendations or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks

You will need a new timing belt, but that is very cheap. There are no codes indicating a problem, so the whole thing sounds pretty solid. I would run the oil through the filter (if you do not have one) every few weeks, but other than that the V8 looks pretty normal. I think the parts are good. A real mechanic would want to get some torque and crank it over to see how it goes.

As far as the mileage, the original Scania on my '81 V10 with the 5 speed has about 50k miles on it. This was back in the day when they were made in Sweden and shipped back home. The last rebuild was about 15 years ago and they replaced the whole engine.

If you just want a V8, I would get a Scania, Volvo, or DAF. Just don't expect any miracles out of it. The biggest thing with the Scania is to keep an eye on the oil level. The oil pressure pump works best at about 1/4 of a quart of oil per 1500 revolutions, and they also recommend 2 quarts in the engine. It helps to use the lowest viscosity oil (say 0W-40) to get the best pressure with a minimum amount of oil. My Scania will start even at 10 or 11:00 and run very smoothly at idle.

We had a 1990 Scania V6 with a 4 speed (not 5) in our '89 Saab. We only got about 24 MPG highway with it. We sold it to get a newer car and were shocked that we only got 23MPG in a new Saab with the same engine. This was the first Scania with electronic fuel injection and the worst mpg. At least it started!

But our new Honda Accord is getting 32MPG and gets 35MPG with only 3.5L of gas.

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