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Automotive News Nov 16, 2023

Will Ram 1500 change in 2024?

Will Ram 1500 change in 2024?

Will 2024 Rams have Hemi?

With the possibility of installing a new hybrid system in place of a traditional V8 engine under the hood, we sat down with Rams Executive Vice President of Operations Les Snead and Head of Performance Scott Linehan to ask them some questions. What do you like about the current Hemi that you currently have on your truck? Snead: "You know, I just love the Hemi engine. I think the sound of it, and the smoothness of it. It really, really is a phenomenal piece of equipment."

Linehan: "It has great sound and great response. It has an aggressive throaty sound. That's why we bought it. I mean, we really wanted to have a motor that had a little more snap to it, kind of bring that back in our cars. The Hemi just does that. I think our fans are going to love it."

What did you like most about the original version? Snead: "There are so many things. When we first started this project, we were working from scratch on a new truck and we decided that we'd like to try to keep this thing as classic as possible. And we thought the Hemi was something that would do that."

Linehan: "I think it goes back to the fact that we started with a whole new project and we're trying to make something that looks like it came out of the factory floor. We tried to keep everything authentic. The guys who designed that engine were pretty familiar with the originals, so they knew what they were doing."

Snead: "I've spent a lot of time in the shop on the engine side, so I'm always fascinated with the original Hemi, because when they built that engine, they didn't have all the stuff that we have now, like they didn't have electronics, they didn't have electronic oil controls, they didn't have computerized fuel injection systems. I think in retrospect they're really thinking what a great idea it was to have this super big monster engine."

Linehan: "The biggest challenge for us was to keep everything true to the original. As we worked our way through it, we just wanted to make sure that it was authentic."

Have you had the opportunity to drive the original design? Snead: "Yeah, I've had the chance to drive it.

Are there any changes to the 2023 Ram 1500?

There's no reason to doubt that the new Ram 1500 is going to be a winneras the trucks have been historicallybut there are no changes in its exterior or interior design to signal that this is a truck for a different time. We can only guess about why it hasn't, but perhaps Dodge has been thinking ahead and is working on a vehicle that will be its best-selling pickup for generations. As it stands, all signs point to an all-new pickup design that's based around the chassis and drivetrain used in the new midsize 2023 truck. Even though we don't know what the changes in the 2023 Ram 1500 might beeven after this year's announcementwe do know that they are almost certainly less radical than we've seen over the past three years. We also know that it would be foolish to make any assumptions right now about what's going on under the body shell. The goal will be for the new Ram to retain the current truck's basic structure (in line with its proven platform). We'll need more clues as the weeks go on before the 2023 Ram 1500 goes on sale; hopefully we'll hear more during the coming year.

And here's another reason to be patient as we await a return to a new era of truck design: There's a chance that it could even come from outside the automaker. A well-placed spy report by Bloomberg says that, in addition to a new Ram 1500, at least one other model could follow it. In a word: SUVs. That report has been confirmed. The 2023 Ram 1500 will be the fifth model launched from an SUV. The first was the Fiat X6/X6 M-turbo SUV (which launched in 2015). Then, Fiat took the Ram off Road & Track's worst-car-to-best-car list (a position that it holds despite an excellent score on Car and Driver's own worst-car-to-best-car list) when the 2023 Ram 1500 arrived. Next up was the Fiat Freemont, launched in 2023 and featuring a new version of the popular Multiair system.

What engine will be in 2024 Ram?

2024 ram 1500 redesign date changes What engine will be in 2024 Ram?

I am curious to know what engine will be in the 2023 Ram truck. Will it be the new 8V or will it be the same. Also, what changes have been made to the engine? Will it be supercharged? Diesel? Hybrid? Turbocharged? Something else? I also would like to know if it will be all-wheel drive or not.

I was thinking of the 6.7 L Cummins diesel (that is the one that fits in the Ram chassis) but that is not certain. The Ram is being sold worldwide with the previous gen and current gen engines.

I don't think any changes were made to the engines between now and then other than the changes Ram has made for the new engine generation. The current E-Series engine lineup has been around for over 30 years and as long as they are selling them they will keep producing them. If Ram can make their profit from selling a diesel variant of the E-Series then they will continue to produce them, but if they don't they will phase out the E-Series engine lineup.

Ram has had the option of a turbodiesel engine since the beginning of the E-Series and since then their engine lineup has evolved to include diesels, hybrid, and V8s. They even had a diesel that had a V6 twin turbo option for a few years.

If they are not going to sell a diesel Ram, then the diesel powertrain will be phased out. I think the 8V will be dropped and the same current E-Series engine lineup will continue until the new 6.7L Cummins diesels arrive. I think it's more likely to be a diesel than a hybrid.

They are more likely to put in a Cummins diesel than a small displacement V6 hybrid because the latter would only be a small percentage of the market. The diesel engine is the way to go for Ram to continue moving ahead and making sales.

There is no reason to expect Ram will drop the 8V. But it would be a pretty big jump in engine technology, so there could be some additional changes to fit the engine in the truck.

Will Ram 1500 change in 2024?

This is a discussion on ? within the Vehicles Talk forums, part of the Team-X.com Group - () forums and chat; So the rumors are true. A new Ram 1500 will be introduced in 2023. Not sure if it's a .

So the rumors are true. Not sure if it's a diesel or gas powered. The new truck will be slightly smaller and lighter than the current truck. There's rumors that it will have an AWD option with a V6 diesel or gasoline power. The truck will likely be available in both short-bed and long-bed configurations.

A lot of us will miss the old Ram heavy duty truck, but it will be missed as the current platform isn't exactly aging well. The current Ram has been a pretty good truck in my book. I've only had one really hard one to deal with, but they all took care of it after the warranty expired, usually within a week. I've gotten more enjoyment out of that truck than any other vehicle I've owned. The current diesel engine is probably the best diesel engine I've driven.

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