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Automotive News May 5, 2024

When can I order Ram revolution?

When can I order Ram revolution?

What is the range of the Ram Revolution EV?

There have been a few posts that have been questioning how long range the Ram Revolution EV will be. When this was first teased, there were some guesses and ballpark figures but now I have some data. The EV uses a super capacitor with a lithium ion polymer battery for energy storage that can hold approximately 140 kWhr or about 442 miles of range on a single charge if you are talking about a full charge. While it doesn't necessarily sound like that much range if you don't live in a hilly area or in a hilly part of the United States, that is if you don't consider a charge every couple of hours as being a 'full charge.'

To get this number, I started by figuring out the charging times at every 15 minutes from 0 to 50 minutes. It's likely that they will go over 15 minutes but it should be around 15 minutes. So I did:

The average time was 11:24 and 11:41, with most being 12:00 - 12:30. So for the next step I found the charging rate between 15 minutes to 30 minutes. There are 3 charging rates; 15, 30, and 60. Each charging rate is 1.0 amp/kWh (1000 kWhr charging rate). If I charge at 3.0 amps for 3 hours then the number of kWhr would be 3 x 2 x 100 amperes = 1200 kWhr. The time from 15 to 30 minutes was 6.4 seconds. So at 15 min. Rate that is 6.4/120 which gives me 0.5 ampere. So the 30 min. Rate is 0.5/1200 which is 0.004 amps and I multiplied this by 20 which equals the number of hours. So for every hour I would need 0.004 amps which gives us 100 ampere that would charge 2 hours. Then I divided this time by the charging rate for each type and got:

15min -> 0.5 ampere/0.25 amperes/60 minutes = 50.000 km/hr

30min -> 0.004 ampere/0.25 amperes/50 minutes = 0.500 km/hr

I think that is pretty accurate. The higher the rate the more you will get on a charging cycle.

How much is the Ram Revolution electric truck?

In my opinion, that's not a bad price for a car that, even with a gas engine, has more than enough muscle tow an 8,000 pound boat and tow two other cars. With a battery-electric powertrain, the Revolution has the potential to take on a whole new range of driving adventures. That price is for the basic model, which comes with a battery that allows you to drive 280 miles on a charge.

Even if you live in a state where you can get an exemption from the federal tax credit, you won't be saving very much money over the lifetime of the vehicle. The Model 3 battery pack is estimated to last for 15 years. The Model S will need a battery upgrade every 4.

The cost of batteries is plummeting.

Is the Ram Rev fully electric?

ram revolution electric truck Is the Ram Rev fully electric?

I was looking at a photo of the new Ram 2500 and the title says "The new Ram 2500, Dodge Ram 2500, is the first all-electric pickup truck. The all-electric Ram 1500 debuted at the 2024 Los Angeles Auto Show, and now the Ram Rev is adding electric to the truck line."

Can anyone confirm if this is the same vehicle as the all-electric version of the Ram 1500? I'm curious about its performance, range, etc. "The all-electric Ram 1500 debuted at the 2024 Los Angeles Auto Show, and now the Ram Rev is adding electric to the truck line." Incorrect, you are talking about the concept based on the 1500. The production model will have the same name and designation as the 1500 with all wheel drive or boxy cab.

The question I have is, do they still have a gasoline engine? If so, it would be interesting to see how much better the electric motor is than the internal combustion engine. They might use an ICE for the base model and the EV for the top of the line model. That's a possibility.

I saw the Ram 1500 concept at the L. It wasn't the production model. It had that boxy cab. They also mentioned that it will have an electric motor.

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