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Automotive News Jun 18, 2024

What is an Airstream in America?

What is an Airstream in America?

Why is Airstream expensive?

Airstream's primary competitors are the other popular recreational vehicles, the fifth-wheeled travel trailer and the motorized coach. However, Airstream has historically been priced lower than its competitors, which makes it difficult to compare them on a strictly apples to apples basis. The main differences between the various recreational vehicle types are their towability, maneuverability, interior space and the type of motor used. Airstream claims that it is superior in all of these areas.

For example, the Airstream has a stronger suspension system, a larger living area, and a more powerful engine that provides the capability for more road miles per gallon. Airstream is also more expensive because it is made in an aluminum body. Aluminum bodywork, however, allows for higher rigidity in the bodywork and therefore provides more strength in the frame.

Finally, the Airstream is more expensive because it is made in a one-piece, extruded aluminum unit (as opposed to a two-piece body) that can be shipped and assembled quickly. This means that the cost of building Airstreams is cheaper. However, it costs more to build a larger number of the units.

Also, if a coach is already complete, then the coach builder can't just add a roof rack or an air conditioner to improve the appearance. In addition, a new coach can't be delivered on a trailer but must be unpacked on a flatbed.

Because of the cost of the body, Airstream has a lower price point. Airstream prices are still high compared to conventional travel trailers, and Airstream is not the cheapest recreation vehicle available, but Airstream is more competitive than most people realize.

What is an Airstream in America?

An Airstream is a trailer that is used to move and live in, not unlike an RV. Some are more expensive than others.

What is the average Airstream Price? What does the Airstream look like? The Airstream looks like a larger version of a travel trailer. It's often light and open. It has a slide out bed, full kitchen and bathroom and more.

Are they safe to use? As long as you follow the instructions and do what you're supposed to do, an Airstream is safe to use. However, as with any recreational vehicle, it can be dangerous if not used properly.

Are they new or used? The majority of Airstreams are new. Some people prefer a used model, as they may have more of a personality than a new one.

How long have they been around? The first Airstream was built in 1941, but it was not until 1967 that the first mass production of Airstreams occurred. Where do I find an Airstream? Airstreams are found all over the country and across the world. They are usually seen on the road or at events such as car shows and swap meets.

How many Airstreams are there? Airstreams are found all over the world, but the United States has the most. About 40,000 Airstreams are sold each year in America alone.

Is Airstream owned by Thor?

airstream usa Is Airstream owned by Thor?

Posted by Jim C. By Mark Doyon. This story first appeared in the July 2024 issue of Hemmings Classic Car. John R. (Jack) Hightower, a member of the Hightower family, purchased the first Airstream car-trailer in 1934. The company's name changed to Airstream in 1955 when Hightower retired and was succeeded by his son-in-law, Perry S. Bass. In 1991, Ford Motor Company acquired the company and since then it has been controlled by its corporate parent, Ford Motor Company.

In its heyday Airstream was a popular car and truck trailer combination of recreational vehicle with a living room concept. Today, even though the company is owned by Ford, Airstream is still a viable RV business for retirees and others who enjoy camping and traveling in their own homes.

I recently spoke with John Hightower III, grandson of the company's co-founder, John Hightower, who took over the position of president and CEO after working with Airstream full-time for more than 18 years. Mr. Hightower answered questions about the history of the Airstream company, products and services, and more.

How do you think Airstream began? John Hightower: My grandfather founded Airstream in 1937. He had developed a system where he could put together an aluminum trailer without tools. He called it a trailer with a box, because his wife had used some of the wood from the box that delivered them to their house. After they left I believe they were going to move into another box that was delivered.

There weren't as many camping enthusiasts then; I don't think so. It was a new idea. It became a brand in a sense, but people had already moved on from tents to trailers in a sense, so it wasn't that new. He was basically bringing something from the landline and putting it on wheels, and that's a big change. We have an advantage today. Where we came from, there are so many different companies that are making similar things, but they aren't selling them to this niche and I think we know that, and we're able to keep it fresh.

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