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Automotive News May 4, 2024

Is Focus RS faster than ST?

Is Focus RS faster than ST?

Is Focus RS faster than ST?

Not sure but I guess I really didn't notice the difference even when I was trying to do something wrong like spin off the corner or hit a bump etc. The whole time its just this little peep light on the shifter and thats it. This is not a high performance car, so it'll never happen, but I think I would at least enjoy the ST more

Focus vs St will vary by car and driver. You need to see a variety of cars to get the proper evaluation. The focus has much better handling, is quicker in a straight line, is faster to pass and a few other benefits. The st is slower, heavier, less powerful, less fun. Most important, you get a great combination of handling and reliability. If you want great driving dynamics with fantastic reliability, you get the ST. As an average consumer, you get the fun factor, and the reliability of the Focus. For the right driver, you will have enough fun in a focus.

I don't know about a "taste of hell", but I do love good old fashioned German engineering. Both cars were nice.

Focus vs ST will vary by car and driver. This is only true if what you mean by fun is driving a sports car like that BMW or Porsche. In my experience the RS is actually much better than ST because of its weight and handling properties.

What the RS has the ST needs. For example the RS has superior grip, so if I go straight for that first corner all the ST has to do is slow me down and pull up on the power. Thats a situation where I would want that RS feeling. But the ST would come up from behind and pass just fine.

Is there a new Ford Focus RS coming out?

For the past two generations of Ford Focus models, it's been all about bringing a good little rear-wheel-drive, front-engine, front-mid-engined small car to buyers who want practicality and value at their price point. The RS comes with a bigger engine and a bit more emphasis on fun. Well, that doesn't sound like the Focus RS (we're guessing that the 2024 model has been put away for now), but there are some signs that there's an RS4 version of the new 2024 Focus coming soon.

The last Focus RS was announced in April 2024, with a turbocharged 2.3-liter V6 making 272 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. The RS was based on the hatchback, although its production numbers remained low. It also had a sportier demeanor than the regular Focus, something the model has lacked since its initial release.

As for the next Focus RS, we'll have to be patient. Ford hasn't shown off any prototypes yet, but it might bring the new RS to an auto show in the spring of 2024. That's when we'd expect to see some official information about this new version. Until then, the following picture we found from the Internet will do. Is it enough for you?

How much HP does a Ford Focus RS have 2023?

ford focus rs 2023 How much HP does a Ford Focus RS have 2023?

HP =. A Ford Focus RS has a HP rating of 1536. That means that it has a max power output of 1536 watts. HP

A Ford Focus RS has an HP rating of 1536. HP/PS. A Ford Focus RS has an HP/PS ratio of 1. Power(hp). A Ford Focus RS has a power rating of 1468. That means that it has a max power output of 1468 watts. Power(hp). Power(kW). A Ford Focus RS has a power(kW) rating of 1468. Power(W). A Ford Focus RS has a power(W) rating of 1468.

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