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Vauxhall used cars

Vauxhall Motors can trace it's roots back to the 1850's where the factory produced marine engines and pumps. It wasn't until 1903 that the company made it's first cars. Vauxhall motors became it's official name in 1907 from it's original of Vauxhall Iron Works.

The name Vauxhall comes from the area in which it's first factory was situated in London. Production of the cars was moved to Luton in 1905 to allow the company room to grow. Originally they produced what was then sports cars and that was it's planned target market.

In 1925 Vauxhall was bought out by the now giant American corporation General Motors and has remained in their control ever since. Their commercial division known as Bedford was founded in 1930 after the stock market crash of 1929 made importing American trucks completely unaffordable for the majority of users.

Through the seventies and eighties with it's rivals Ford they pushed European car design in the direction of American styling with many well known models being developed and sold. Part of Vauxhall remained loyal to it's roots and still does to this day with a long history of successful performance cars being sold.

In recent years the ties with their European stable mates have become more relevant with the two selling a identical range of models to suit everyone's pocket and style.

Average price for a used Vauxhall car is £6666, according to our valuation data.

The most searched for Vauxhall vehicle model is Corsa.

The most popular Vauxhall colour is Silver.

To get your Vauxhall valuation, either enter a number plate in the form to the top left, or use the dropdown lists underneath.

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Latest reviews of a Vauxhall vehicle (Agila)

Offers a decent, refined, versatile interior and great manoeuvrability, but is very underpowered, and comes with minimal equipment.