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Nissan used cars

Nissan's roots can be traced back to 1914 and it's main products were trucks as there was little to no market for cars in those days. It was long though until they started to produce a range of cars badged as Datsun.

As with similar Japanese makers Nissan have had a long tradition of partnering with others to expand their own technology and markets. Such partnerships over the years have included working with Ford, Renault and the now defunct British car builder Austin.

Along with it's car manufacturing they still after all these years are involved heavily in the commercial vehicle market.

This has undoubtedly helped lead them to being the powerhouse in the car industry that they are today. Being one of the top 3 Japanese manufacturers, in the global market having several manufacturing bases around the world. Nissan nowadays have a diverse and wide range of models to choose from. City cars, family cars, SUV's and luxury cars (infiniti).

Average price for a used Nissan car is £8697, according to our valuation data.

The most searched for Nissan vehicle model is Qashqai.

The most popular Nissan colour is Black.

To get your Nissan valuation, either enter a number plate in the form to the top left, or use the dropdown lists underneath.

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Latest reviews of a Nissan vehicle (Micra)

The Micra is an economical and well built vehicle, and offers a decent drive, but because of it's size the boot space suffers, as does the headroom in the rear.