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Mercedes-Benz used cars

Germany is well known for the quality of it's engineering particularly in the automotive industry. Mercedes has been the driving force behind this since 1900. Starting out as the car division of the giant Daimler organisation, over the years their name has changed a little but to most people they are just known as Mercedes.

Their reputation and pedigree is second to none, in both their cars and commercial vehicles. Over the years the company has had a strong and successful tradition in motor sport which continues to this day. Their engineering has been the reason behind many successful campaigns and historic moments. This pedigree is apparent in it's model range, both current and previous, with many high powered models being available over the years.

Modern Mercedes cars are available in a range that covers SUV, sports and sedans all offer great engineering and reliability. While they do have mid-sized family cars they are more known for their sports and luxury cars.

Average price for a used Mercedes-Benz car is £14720, according to our valuation data.

The most searched for Mercedes-Benz vehicle model is C-Class.

The most popular Mercedes-Benz colour is Silver.

To get your Mercedes-Benz valuation, either enter a number plate in the form to the top left, or use the dropdown lists underneath.

Latest reviews of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle (CLC)

Offers a striking image, along with a spacious interior, and is also surprisingly economical. However the drive quality is rather noisy and unexciting, and rear visibility is poor.