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Land Rover used cars

Land Rover originally developed by workers of the British car make Rover for use as a four wheel drive utility vehicle for on and off road use. At first it was sold as a brand of the Rover Group but over the years it grew into it's own brand of vehicles with many popular models.

As with most of the British car industry Land Rover has had it's ups and downs. But the strength of the brand and there at times fanatical clients are what has always seen it through the tough times.

Land Rover's early designs lasted for many years without much change particularly in the suspension area. While they proved to be extremely robust and versatile, the invasions of Japanese 4x4's saw Land Rover have to move with the times and develop the more luxurious vehicles that their customers were looking for.

Modern Land Rovers are far from the sparse agricultural machines that they were years ago. Utilising modern hi-tec developments with very luxurious interiors and of course being more than capable when the going gets tough, muddy, wet or any of that other fun stuff.

Average price for a used Land Rover car is £18804, according to our valuation data.

The most searched for Land Rover vehicle model is Freelander.

The most popular Land Rover colour is Black.

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