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Underneath are the news postings we wrote though the course of March 2014. Altogether we posted 2 news articles during the course of this month. Our writers try to feature appropriate news on subjects such as used car marketplace costs, automobile recalls, site news and updates, opinion pieces about the used vehicle sector, and other pertinent automotive news. Please look through the news articles underneath, and click the 'Read More' options to read the full article.

News from March 2014

10/03/2014 - New car sales still rising in the UK
In their recent release of monthly automotive statistics, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) say that new car registrations were up by 3% in February 2014. Read More »
03/03/2014 - Be wary of flood-damaged cars
During the recent flooding in parts of the UK, many vehicles have been damaged by flood waters, leading to around 70% of them being written off. However, many of these cars have been cropping up for sale to unwary buyers. Read More »