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A recall has been announced by manufacturer Toyota for 30,790 of it's Prius models in the UK.

The Prius recall covers models built between March 2009 and February 2014, which basically means all of the third generation (XW30) production. The problem cited is software-related, and affects a part of the vehicle's inverter assembly.

The software affected works to control the power module, specifically the boost converter. This component is needed when there is a lot of strain on the power system, such as when going from a stand still to a fast acceleration, or travelling at high speed with additional electric-powered systems being utilised too. According to Toyota, the current software may have errors that could cause more thermal stress on a group of transistors, which could in turn end in damaging said transistors.

If this damage occurs, the vehicle will go into a 'failsafe' state; warning lights will turn on, and power will be reduced, though the vehicle can still be driven. In extreme cases the car's hybrid system may shut down totally, resulting in a complete stop. Before any damage has taken place, there will be no signs or problems which may inform the driver that something is up. Only the third generation of Priuses is affected, as they use different software and arrangements of transistors.

Any owners of affected Priuses will receive a call or postal mail from Toyota in the next few weeks, asking them to arrange an appointment to return their vehicle to the nearest Toyota dealership. The car will be checked for any damage, and software will be updated to the latest version. Toyota have stated that all in all the procedure should take less than one hour, and of course will be free of charge.

Toyota have a recall lookup tool on their website which can tell you whether your vehicle is affected. Check it out here:

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