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A recent study in the US has brought to light that for around 10% of journey time, most drivers are distracted from their driving and are not looking at the road.

The study involved miniature cameras being installed into around 200 average vehicles, filming both the road and the face and eyes of the driver during everyday journeys. After reviewing many hours of footage, it was calculated that up to 10% of each journey was taken up by activities that were distracting to the driver. These activities include using a mobile phone for either texting, calling, or other reasons, eating or unwrapping food, and checking makeup.

No matter how much of an experienced driver you may be, attempting to use a mobile phone, even one with a hands free kit, whilst driving can double your risk of an accident or crash. The study highlighted that new drivers who have recently passed their test are the most likely group to have a near miss or a collision due to being distracted in their car.

One quarter of the drivers involved in the study were newly-passed, and had received their driving licence within three weeks of the study. Other participants on average had 20 years of driving experience, and were aged between 18 and 70.

The authors of the driving study were quick to comment that anything inside a car that can distract a driver and take their eyes from the road can be a hazard. They also highlighted that these distractions are especially dangerous for new and younger drivers, as they have yet to develop an understanding of the dangers on the road.

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