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Britain's minor roads are being neglected by both local authorities and Government policies, according to a chief of local government.

The economy and transport chairman of the Local Government Association, Peter Box, has commented that the UK's minor roads should be included in any policies involving country-wide improvement to major roadways and motorways. In an address to the House of Commons Transport Committee, he said that the management and maintenance of local roads is "...not being done very effectively at all..." and that "...we want to make sure we get it right."

Mr Box continued by saying that the Local Government Association has concerns about the future of minor road quality, and that investment in our local roads needs to be looked at in the years to come. He also suggested that now is the best time to start improving them.

Coming on the back of traffic forecasts giving indications that the UK's traffic could rise by nearly 50% in the next 25 years, Mr Box commented that work and co-operation needs to be started now in order to maintain our roads at a decent standard. He concluded by saying that there was a "clear mismatch" when it comes to plans for road funding around the whole of the UK, and road funding when it comes to minor, local roads.

Mr Box was not the only person addressing the House of Commons Transport Committee. Also speaking was the chief executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Shaun Spiers. Mr Spiers' input on the subject was that the building of new roads should be the "last resort", and that focus needs to be made on current road quality.

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