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Ford have officially revealed information on the changes, both internal and external, that they have made to 2014's version of their popular Focus model.

The Focus is well loved by it's drivers and has won numerous awards in its class, but the new 2014 edition looks certain to increase its appeal. The most striking changes that Ford have made are cosmetic changes, but this does not mean that nothing has changed under the vehicle's paintwork.

The information, which was leaked before the car's debut at the Geneva Motor Show at the weekend, has now been made official by Ford. The change in the Ford Focus 2014 that most notice first is the grill that now covers the front of the latest model. Adapted from the famous Aston Martin grill, it also features a newly-designed bumper, and a bonnet with new contours. At the rear of the vehicle, the tailgate has been slightly modified, and new lights have been added.

In the interior of the vehicle, many of the current model's controls have been removed, and integrated into a new touchscreen panel on the vehicle's dashboard. The steering wheel has been redesigned, and plush thick carpets have been added to the floors. In an attempt to increase sound insulation, thicker glass has been used in the windows and windscreens, and other cosmetic changes have been made to the trim and detailing of the interior.

Under the bonnet and chassis, many changes have been made by Ford. Virtually every system has been tweaked, modified or re-tuned, including the shock absorbers, the suspension geometry, electric steering and ESC. The front end is now stiffer, and the whole package offers better levels of both steering and handling.

Options for the vehicle's engines have been improved, with efficiency boosts of up to 19% for both the diesel and petrol models. The Ford Focus 2014 is also the first European model to offer their 1.5 litre EcoBoost petrol engine. This offers up to 177bhp, and a TDCi model offers up to 118bhp.

The product development VP of Ford Europe, Joe Bakaj, commented: "Diesel or petrol, the new Focus will offer engines that deliver a compelling combination of significantly improved fuel efficiency and surprising power - as well as the zero-emissions option offered by the Focus Electric, our electrified version."

The Ford Focus 2014 is due to go on sale in the third quarter of 2014, though prices have yet to be unveiled.

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