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Famous British car brand Aston Martin has recalled up to 17,590 of their sports vehicles from the road because of a possible problem with their accelerator pedals.

Affected vehicles were built between November 2007 and December 2013, though Aston Martin has commented that no accidents caused by the defect have been reported as of yet. The highest amount of affected vehicles are left-hand drive, whilst affected right-hand drive vehicles were only made between May 2013 and December 2013.

According to reports on Reuters, the reason for this defect in Aston Martin's usually high quality build has been given as counterfeit materials used by a Chinese sub-contractor. Low quality counterfeit plastic has been used in the accelerator pedals of the majority of Aston Martin's output over the last 7 years, although not the Vanquish it has been said.

Counterfeit DuPont plastic was used in the production of accelerator pedal arms by Shenzhen Kexiang Mould Tool Co Limited, according to Aston Martin, and these pedals are at risk of breaking, meaning that speed will not be able to be increased or maintained, giving risk to accidents.

A spokeswoman for Aston Martin, Sarah Calam, commented: "Aston Martin's commitment to customer safety is paramount, which is why the company is taking this action. The recall work takes up to an hour to complete and will be carried out with no charge to the customer."

Ms Calam also stated that Aston Martin is planning to transfer the production of future pedals back to the UK this year, a move which has met with praise with many Aston Martin fans and commentators. "Get them made here, you charge enough." was said by one such commentator on a national newspaper's website.

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