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During the recent flooding in parts of the UK, many vehicles have been damaged by flood waters, leading to around 70% of them being written off. However, many of these cars have been cropping up for sale to unwary buyers.

The recent bad weather has resulted in damage to homes, businesses and livelihoods. As well as this, many cars have either been flooded where they were parked, or have met with a flood-related incident on the roads. The AA say they have fielded more than 4,000 emergency callouts to people stranded in their cars by flood water, and their insurance arm state that their usual rate for writing off such damaged cars is 70%. However, many owners of such vehicles choose to eschew the process of making a claim, and attempt to sell on their flood-affected car, as many such vehicles display no obviously viewable damage.

The AA have stated that they have only received around 200 claims for flood damage to cars so far. This is but a drop in the ocean when it comes to the full amount of affected cars. The AA are worried that owners of cars that have not suffered water damage to the engine, may attempt to dry out their vehicle, and sell it on cheaply through the second hand market.

So, if you are in the market for a used car at the moment, keep an eye out for some of these points to ensure you are not buying a damaged car.

1) Have the windows been left open? The owner may just be wanting some fresh air, or may be trying to dry off the interior of the car. Ask them why this is so.

2) Is there any noticeable damp smell inside the vehicle? Or an overabundance of air fresheners being used?

3) Check the interior of any prospective purchase and feel the carpets for any dampness. Also check inside the boot and under the spare tyre.

4) Do all the electrics in the car work? If they don't, ask why.

5) After running the car for a few minutes, do the windows steam up? This will indicate excess moisture in the vehicle, especially if the heater is on.

Remember, when buying a used car, let your head do the thinking, not your heart. If anything strikes you as suspicious, you should walk away. There is always a better motor out there for you.

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