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The two supermarket giants, Tesco and Asda, have now dropped their prices of both diesel and petrol by 2 pence per litre; sure to come as some relief to those still reeling after festive expenditures.

From Tuesday this week, any drivers choosing to fill up at any of the hundreds of petrol stations run by Tesco or Asda will be paying less for their fuel. This means that buyers should be paying no more than 126.7 pence for a litre of unleaded, and no more than 133.7 pence per litre of diesel.

Fuel prices were actually at these levels back in mid-December 2013, but in the weeks afterwards were put up by 2 pence per litre after prices of wholesale fuel were increased across the board. The current price of diesel at Tesco and Asda is however the lowest price seen since July 2012. With these two large supermarket chains slashing fuel prices, it is hoped that other retailers will follow their example, in order to retain their customers.

The president of the Automobile Association (AA), Edmund King, was amongst the many to praise these price cuts. He commented that such reductions in the price of fuel is sure to come as a boon to those who are still out of pocket after the festive period, and in the current financial climate in general. He continued to urge other fuel suppliers and supermarkets to follow the trend started by both Tesco and Asda and cut their prices too, otherwise those who do not live near such a supermarket will be losing out.

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