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A number of the movers and shakers of the UK automotive industry have predicted that the market is sure to see strong growth this year, backed by the many successes seen in 2013, and the current demand for UK vehicles.

Following on from statistics showing that new car registrations in the UK soared to over 2.2 million last year, a figure that has not been witnessed since before 2007 and the recession, Car Dealer Magazine have interviewed a number of CEOs and managing directors of various car manufacturers and retailers. All were united in their confidence for 2014.

The aftersales director of Ford, Jon Wellsman, commented that car buyers are now feeling more confident about the UK's economy. Many of these were previously put off from buying a new car, but as the market recovers, more will make their way to the showrooms to upgrade their current vehicles. The motors of wary motorists are only getting older, and Mr Wellsman believes that this year will be the year they buy a new one.

The managing director of Renault Group UK, Ken Ramirez, commented that he expects the market to keep up it's current pace, and that it should indeed grow by 10% during this year.

The managing director of Jaguar Land Rover UK, Jeremy Hicks, commented: "...certainly the early signs are very, very positive. We've seen a good recovery growth, and that is very positive." He also highlighted that the industry needs to be careful that "...complacency sneaks in".

The sales director of BMW UK, Richard Hudson, commented: "We are seeing good growth in the premium segment still, some high penetration of finance coming through as well, and with new model introductions we are expecting a strong year in still a very competitive market."

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