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2013 proved to be a good year for Rolls Royce. Not only did they celebrate their 110th anniversary, itself a record, but on top of that they saw their highest sales figures ever.

In 2013, Rolls Royce sold 3,630 of their prestige vehicles, and saw their fourth year of best sales in a row. Demand for their vehicles throughout the globe have been growing steadily, with sales in China rising by 11%, sales in the Middle East rising by 17%, and sales continuing to rise in Japan, Germany the US and Canada.

With such increases in sales, new Rolls Royce dealerships have also been opening up, with 15 new dealers setting up shop in 2013. The number of official Rolls Royce dealers is now up to 120, with more new dealership openings in the pipeline for this year. The release of the new Wraith model, as well as special editions of their existing vehicles, is also thought to have helped increase sales worldwide.

Rolls Royce's coffers have also been boosted by their personalisation program, in which they offer bespoke additions to their range of vehicles. It is thought that three out of four Ghosts sold in 2013 received some form of personalisation, and nine out of ten Phantoms being in this position too.

The CEO of Rolls Royce, Torsten Muller-Otvos, commented: "This is an extraordinary British manufacturing success story borne out of a commitment to delivering only the very finest super-luxury goods. I am particularly satisfied to report that this result is based on a balanced global sales picture, with continued success in emerging markets paving the way for future sustainable growth."

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