The origins of the Czech car maker Skoda go back to the 1890's when they produced, as many other long standing car makers did, bicycles. They started producing cars in 1905. Like many European factories they were used during WW1 and similarly in WW2 for production of items needed for the war.

After the wars they started to produce cars again with many being built in the post war period. Always aimed at the budget market they offered strength, reliability with a unique style that you either loved or hated.

Skoda built up this reputation through a unrivalled run in the WRC in the 70's and 80's wining many grueling rallies in there classes. They were particularly successful in the RAC rally of Britain, a feat which has never been repeated.

Through this whole period their car remained pretty much the same with a rear engine design. This ended in 1987 when the company launched it's Favorit this helped the company to bring their technology to comparable levels of other European makers.

In 1991 they were taken over by the giant Volkswagen group. This partnership has seen the Skoda range go from strength to strength, with a lot of technology now being used from it's now parent company. Still targeted at the budget market but produce of excellent value for money cars.

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Skoda Octavia L&D Diesel 2.0 ltre
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Brian Williams - Sunday, 15th September 2013