Lexus originally launched to the US market in 1989 as the luxury arm of the giant car manufacturer Toyota. Since then it has grown into one of the best selling luxury cars in the World.

Over the years since it's inception Lexus has developed into it's own brand, with Toyota opening a production facility for them in Canada in 2003 while maintaining it's production facilities in Japan.

Lexus, as would be expected with it being part of Toyota, excelled in reliability and customer service, with many consumer surveys putting it at the top of the luxury manufacturers. One such survey by J.D.Power has had Lexus at the top for reliability fourteen times, which is a remarkable feat, with stiff competition from many other manufacturers.

Since it's inception Lexus have gone from the original one model lineup to having a range of vehicles including luxury saloons, sports, convertibles and SUVs.

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A selection of used car dealers from our directory that deal with Lexus vehicles

Audi BMW Suzuki Volvo Lexus MG
Automotive Dreams Ltd
36-38 Essex Street, Birmingham B5 4TR
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Tom Hartley
159 Moira Road, Overseal, Swadlincote DE12 6JD
BMW SEAT Volvo Infiniti Lexus MG
Wallis & Son Ltd
Cavendish House, Cambridge Road, Barton CB23 7AW
Audi Ford Aston Martin Bentley Lexus MG
The Foundry, 26 High Street, Bramley, Nr Guilford GU5 0HB
Audi Aston Martin Bentley Lexus Proton
Pb Cars
Rivington House, 82 Great Eatsern Street, London EC2A 3JF

Latest review of a Lexus vehicle (SC)

The V8 engine offers a silky-smooth, if slightly choppy ride, and the roof is a beauty. The seats in the rear don't seem to offer much practicality.
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