Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903 by Henry Ford. Ford's innovative production facilities with their moving production lines are the basis for many modern mass production facilities and techniques that are so common today.

Over it's very successful history the company has grown to be one of the worlds biggest car producers. During this time it has taken over many other manufacturers and currently owns Volvo in Sweden, and owns shares in Aston Martin in the UK and Mazda of Japan.

In recent years Ford cars have been overtaken in the list of top producers and are currently ranked 4th behind General Motors, Toyota and VW/Audi.

Although over the years Ford have produced a wide variety of cars from small economical vehicle to large 4x4 it also has a popular commercial vehicles arm.

Even though Fords are aimed at the mainstream market it has become known for many victories in motor sports, in fact over the years there aren't many styles of motor sport that Ford hasn't won major championships in.

Ford's range always has a wide variety of models and specifications to choose from, something to suit every pocket and every need.

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A selection of used car dealers from our directory that deal with Ford vehicles

Audi BMW Ford Volvo Jeep Lexus
Seymour Pope Ltd
Barnes Farm, Barnes Lane, Flanstad WD4 9LA
Audi Ford Aston Martin Bentley Lexus MG
The Foundry, 26 High Street, Bramley, Nr Guilford GU5 0HB
BMW Ford Kia Mazda Aston Martin Bentley
Safwat Cars Limited
160 Shaftsbury Avenue, Thorpe Bay, Southend On Sea SS1 3AW
Audi BMW Ford SEAT Volvo Jeep
Woodside Cars
912-920 High Road, Finchley, North London N12 9RW
Ford Bentley Jeep Lexus Proton
Vvs Uk Ltd
Gedges Hill, Matsfield, Tonbridge TN12 7EA

Latest review of a Ford vehicle (Ka)

Not bad but quality lets it down
I got my KA EDGE in June 2013 through finance on a very good PCP deal. I was told by both a friend and the garage that the engine would start to "free up" once it has done some more miles and that performance and fuel economy would increase. Performance has not really been an issue: it pulls well for a small engined car but I am sometimes worried by the back end kicking out when going round a bend if it hits a bump or the road is even slightly wet. Economy, according to the readout, is a disappointing 40 mpg. I really expected a lot more than that. However, worse still is I have damaged the windscreen by using an ice scraper on it. My dealer refused to acknowledge it was a maunfacturing issue, but none of my thirty previous cars has ever suffered from this. I am having some success polishing the screen, but hope it is never tested in an accident. My dealer also suggested insurance fraud as a possible solution. (Deliberately damage the screen and make it look like an accident). For those reasons, I will not be choosing a Ford next time although, overall and rather confusingly, I do actually quite like the car.
Economy / Running Costs:
Reliability / Quality:
Value for Money:
Graeme Egerton - Monday, 7th April 2014