Founded in 1899, the Fiat company was started by a small group of investors. Over the years Fiat has made or been involved in making many things but it is best known for it's cars.

Fiat are one of the world's largest car manufacturers currently the 6th largest car producer in the world. It's cars are sold and are popular worldwide. They have production facilities in many strategic places to meet this demand. Whether their cars are sold as Fiats or rebadged by local brands they are extremely popular.

Their range of affordable small family cars are what has made the company so popular. While that is true of it's history it is the same today with a range of popular small cars that have mass audience appeal.

Of course being Italian the styling and design are what set Fiat cars apart from the rest of their competitors and is a big part of their success over all these years.

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Latest review of a FIAT vehicle (Doblo)

For it's price, it offers a great deal of equipment and practicality to it's owner, but is really lacking in the looks department.
Economy / Running Costs:
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Value for Money:
WMCW Admin - Wednesday, 11th July 2012