Cadillac was founded in 1902 and taken over in 1908 by the huge organisation that is the General Motors Company where it has remained ever since. Over the next thirty years the brand built a reputation for being America's best luxury car. It has managed to hold this spot ever since. While there have been many other manufacturers come and go Cadillac have remained strong through thick and thin.

Over the years they have been responsible for a number of innovations which have affected the way that cars are and have been made. Things such as the electrical system allowing the use of lights and electric starting also the V8 engine which is a hallmark of a American car to many amongst many others.

In it's long history of being America's premier car manufacturer Cadillac has seen many changes but has kept it's place. As with many US based car builders Cadillac have had to start developing it's vehicles to be more environmentally friendly, less emissions and better economy. Although this hasn't been taken as far as with other market around the world.

While many manufacturers have been designing their cars in a more retro style, Cadillac have moved in the opposite direction going for a more futuristic look with hard crisp edges.

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