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Famed for it's roles in many of the James Bond 007 movies, this small UK based luxury sports car builder is one of the few left who pride themselves on creating each car individually by hand. Nowadays they are still made this way although with modern techniques used as well as the more traditional craftsmanship that is a tradition with the company. With everything being produced by robots and computers nowadays, it makes a refreshing change to see a company sticking to the traditional way of working and the values set out all those years ago by it's founders.

This car company has over the years seen many ups and downs since it's founders Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford started the company in 1914. They believed that sports cars should be something outstanding that was not only distinctive but also have an individual character and style.

While Astons have all the power and performance that is expected of top of the range sports cars they still maintain some practical usefulness. Not only that but they are generally fitted out with luxurious specification interiors which are more commonly found in top of the range luxury cars. This unique twist has become Aston's saving grace and why the company has managed to remain in production for all these years.

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Aston Martin
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